Abandon Ship Art began 3 years ago when owner, Richard Davies, after failing art in school and a decade hiatus, started drawing again. Beginning as a cathartic pass time it soon became integral to the brand and over the last few years has helped Abandon Ship create its own visual narrative that links Richard's concepts and thoughts directly to the art and designs released.

In the past year, Richard has branched into large scale art murals and honing his art skills further. With the conception of the Tarot Card project (a series of fine art and highly detailed renderings of the Major Arcana Tarots) and the creation of a unique visual style incorporating traditional tattoo collage pieces, the focus on apparel has shifted also to art.

Earlier this year Abandon Ship Apparel decided to reopen its flagship store in Dundee and create a home to showcase the expanding art print offering being created. The brand saw the demand for these art prints rise and the collection quickly grew to over 50 variants.

The Art business has now grown so big it needs its own home. We created this website to showcase the prints and other fun art focused products along with a place to promote Richard's mural work (created under the guise of Abandon Ship Art.) All products are designed by Richard Davies and shipped with care and attention from our store in Dundee.